Adding and Importing Employees

Setting up and managing employees is simply accessible through the “Employees” page. In this section we will go through the specifics of adding and importing employees.

Summary of this Section:

  • Navigating Adding Employees
  • Employee Settings
  • Login Details for Employees

Navigating Adding Employees


  1. Employees can be created from the Employees page under the “add employee” and “import employees” options at the top of the page.
  2. Further in the “Add Employee” option, there are four tabs available:
  • Management Info
  • Time Tracking Info
  • Payroll Info
  • Stat Holidays
  1. Two switches on the left side of “Add Employee” are also provided to enable/disable hour tracking and payroll for the selected employee.

Top Tip
Employees can be imported from QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Xero, and Sage to save you a bit of setup time.

Employee Settings

  • Management Info is always required, including name, email, hire date, role (admin, team leader, employee), an optional team, and login details.
  • Admin has full access to all company settings, can run/review payroll, and manage time tracking for all employees.
  • Team leaders can manage time tracking for employees in their team, however unlike the Admin they are not able to view payroll info or company-wide settings.
  • Employees can perform their own time tracking and review their pay stubs.

Login Details for Employees

Three options for login details
  1. Admin enters all info (no onboarding email is sent to employee, admin sets username and password and can provide it to the employee).
  2. Employees enter login details (employee receives onboarding email with a link to set their username and password and info about the mobile apps).
  3. Employees enter login details AND T4/ROE info (same as just entering login info, but with the added step of entering their T4/ROE info which includes SIN, occupation, date of birth, address, city, and postal code).