Mobile App

Introducing Paytickr’s mobile app! In this article is an overview of the functionality of the app’s interface in addition to how to navigate and use the app’s features. To start, enter your login details and click the sign in button on the welcome screen.

As an employee at your company, you will be able to see 3 tabs:
  • Status
  • View logs
  • Settings


This tab lets you take control to punch-in or out of work, breaks and current tasks.

Punching In

Click the punch in button in the main card of the Status tab. Once you punch in, you will be prompted to set any upcoming tasks. Here, you’ll find the task description, which you can select or alter. Additionally, you may also have notes and hourly wage sections to modify (if enabled). Proceed to punch-in once finalized.

Now the time is punched in. On the same tab you can view your current shift duration and summary card.

Changing Tasks

If you want to change tasks during your shift, scroll the cards to view the task card. You can make any desired changes in this section, and then click “change task” to save your edits.

Starting Breaks

You can also start breaks at this screen if the employer has enabled this feature. Once you’re on a break, you can end it by clicking the red “end break” button.

Punching Out

When you’re done for the day, simply click punch out. Now the time of the shift is set and you can view your log in the “View Logs” tab.

View Logs

Now let’s move on to viewing logs. Here, you can select and change the date to view past entries and details.

You’ll have the option to:
  • View the tasks & breaks
  • If enabled, you’ll be able to: Modify, Delete and Add logs

Adding Logs

To add a new log, click the top right corner. From this screen, you can set a new punch in / punch out time, and use the top right corner to add a break or a task, and always save your changes.

You can also alter the details of the task using the “edit” button, or delete it entirely.


In the settings section, you can

  1. Select your account information
  2. Change your passwords
  3. Update and manage your account

There are also other informational resources in this window that will give you additional details about PayTickr.

Logging Out

Finally, you can log out, with the button at the bottom of the page.

Top Tip
If you log in as an administrator, you will be prompted to choose between employee mode or punch clock mode.

Punch Clock Mode

The punch clock mode allows you to use the app as a traditional punch clock where a phone or tablet can be set up at a job site and employees can simply enter their PIN to punch in or out.  An administrator’s password is required to log out of the punch clock mode.