Time Tracking Management

In this section we will go over the interface and a guide on how to use the time tracking management page. At a glance, time tracking management will allow you to view who is currently punched in or out in the company. In addition, this page allows you to alter time tracking of employees with a variety of options.

Summary of this Section

  • Quick Overview in the Dashboard
  • Review of Time Tracking Page
  • Editing logs
  •     Overview of functions
  •     Actions for Logs
  •     Creating or Editing Logs
  •     Exporting logs
  • Hourly wage reports
  •     Exporting

Quick Overview in the Dashboard

Before we dive into the specifics of the “Time Tracking” page, it would be useful to take a glance at the dashboard and view all of the time tracking related features that PayTickr offers.

On the right hand side of the page is “Recent Punch-Ins” and “Punch-Outs”. This is a quick status overview of which employees are currently in or out of work.

For further information, you can continue by clicking the “Active Employees” button. Clicking the “Active Employees” button will bring you to the “Punched-In Users” screen where you can see who is currently punched in, where and when they punched in, and where they’re currently located.

Additionally, on the dashboard is a display called “Recent Hours” which shows the total hours worked by all employees on each day in the previous week. This gives you a quick overview of the total hours tracked for your company in the past week.

Review of Time Tracking Page

More detailed information can be seen by clicking the Time Tracking button in the main navigation menu. The “Time Tracking” page allows you to edit functions such as:

  • Manually punch employees in and out
  • View and edit logs for specific employees
  • View hourly wage reports.

For an easier search, the right side of the page features a search bar which you can further condense or specify your search for employee(s).

Top Tip
At the bottom page, you can review previously terminated employees logs and hourly  wage reports.

Changing Punch in Status

In order to punch employees in and out, simply select the desired employee whose status you would like to change, and click the “Change Punch Status” button at the top of the page.

Editing Logs

To view and edit logs, select the employee(s) who you would like to see the logs for and click “Show Logs”.

Top Tip for Filtering Logs
You can further filter the logs by date, task, and note on the right side of the page.

Here are the functions that you can edit  in the “Showing Logs” Page:
  1. Create a new log
  2. Change the hourly rates and tasks of existing logs
  3. Approve and Unapprove logs
  4. Email team leaders to remind them to approve logs
  5. Export logs to Excel or QuickBooks

Top Tip for Expanding the Logs
Logs that are tracked contain a lot of details about the shift that can be viewed by expanding the log in each row. Details such as individual tasks, breaks and notes. Expand the logs by clicking the arrow to the right of the row.

Action for Logs

There are 3 main actions for logs:

1. Viewing Location Tracking

If location tracking is enabled for the employee (which can be done under…), there are hyperlinked coordinates to view a map of where the employee went during their shift.

2. Edit Logs

Which will display the details of the log selected. Here you can edit login in/logout date, time, breaks, and tasks. As for tasks, there are further options to edit task details and to add a new task.

3. Delete Logs

To delete logs is as simple as clicking and confirming the trash icon.

Creating or Editing Logs

When creating or editing a log, you will be prompted with a dialog that you have to option to edit the following:

  • Enter and/or edit the login and logout date
  • Add and edit breaks for that log
  • Add and edit tasks for that log

Hourly Wage Reports

Back on the main time tracking page you can view the Hourly Wage Report. Hourly wage report is a summary of all employees wage type, rates, total hours tracked and gross pay.

Similar to viewing logs, you can check off the employees who you wish to see the report for and click “Show Hourly Wage Report”, you will then be prompted to set optional additional filters of date, task, and notes.

This report will show the total hours broken down by different hourly wages for each employee, including separate rows for any overtime or premium pay.

Top Tip
The last row of the report will show a summary of the totals for all users included in the report.

Exporting Hourly Wage Reports

You can export hourly wage reports summarizing the timesheets for one or more employees. An export button is also provided allowing you to export the report to an Excel/CSV file of selected employees.