Company Setup

Getting started on PayTickr and a site overview of how to setup your company. In this article, we will be going over the basic functionality of the web-app.

Getting started on PayTickr

Before we begin, there are some initial set up steps to explore.
  1. From the main site, begin by registering an account at PayTickr
  2. After registration and logging in for the first time, an introductory dashboard will be visible on the bottom of your screen. Continue by clicking each prompted item for a guided tutorial.
Top Tip
PayTickr offers a 30 day free trial for time tracking (first payroll run free), for all new registered accounts.

Navigating PayTickr

Summary of this Section:

  • Settings
  • Employees
  • Time Tracking
  • Payroll


To help you get started, let's begin at the settings page where you can set all company-wide settings to your preferences.

Here is a basic overview of the functions in the settings page:

There are four main tabs

  • General - setting your company image, province, and login name
  • Time Tracking - allows you to customize options for tasks and intervals for time tracking
  • Punch Clock - gives you the ability to enable employees to use the punch clock functionality. The punch clock function allows employee(s) time tracking through a single the mobile app set up at the office/job site
  • Payroll - allows you to configure company-wide payroll settings
Top Tips
  • You can expand time tracking and payroll to see advanced settings if needed
  • After making changes to the settings click “Save Changes” at top of page


The employees section is an overview of your employees in addition to initial setup preferences for each employee.

  • In this page, you can configure teams, overtime rules, automatic breaks, payroll schedules, additions and deductions, geofences, and employees.
  • Note that Team Leaders can manage time tracking for employees on their team.

Time Tracking

  • Manage Time Tracking to set up overtime rules and automatic breaks (add details about options)


Here you can manage payroll to set up payroll schedules and additions and deductions (allowances, benefits, garnishments, and deductions).

Here is a basic overview of the Payroll page:

There are four main tabs

  • Run Payroll
  • See Payroll Runs
  • Forms
  • Payroll Reports

In addition there are two management tabs at the top of the page for:

  • Manage Accruals
  • Manage YTD Amounts

Top Tip
Manage Payroll Manage Location Tracking to set up geofences/geofenced actions and location lists to display when reviewing locations